About Our Book

Nature has design.

Sailboats have design.

Sailors are uniquely designed.

About our book Living in the Design

Using this book on land …

This book is meant to be enjoyed. Whether you read it daily, weekly, or whenever you get the chance, please enjoy it. Whether you read it by a fireplace, at the beach, on a commuter train, or on an airplane, please enjoy it. Whether you read it alone or with a group of friends, please enjoy it.

However, this book is mostly meant to be enjoyed on the water.

Using this book afloat …

Time on the water has an effect on people. On our sailboat, Teleo, we have seen its effect on our guests and have certainly experienced it firsthand – that palpable soul connection with God’s creation out on the water. The silence of sailing and elimination of other worldly distractions provides hours of quality time to connect with others as we share in that creation together. Onboard Teleo, we often say that there is no such thing as “we really don’t know them well … we only sailed with them once.”

This devotional book is designed to strengthen the experience of connecting creation and Creator by drawing out parallels between sailing and God’s truth as disclosed in scripture. Key aspects include the following:

  • The devotions are for people at any level of faith.
  • The devotions can be enjoyed by experienced or beginning sailors.
  • You can do these devotions in any order.
  • The devotions do not require an expert to lead; however, they can be embellished by those with more Biblical knowledge or sailing knowledge. (Hint: two different people might lead each section.)
  • They are short enough to do between tacks on a day sail or as daily time during a long passage.
  • For more in-depth study, those at anchor might choose to look up the scriptures in the “For Further Reading” section in their Bibles or on their Bible app such as Bible Gateway.
  • While these devotionals can be read individually, they are designed to be discussed in groups. We strongly recommend in groups as that is often how God uses each of us to puzzle out our faith in community.

We hope this little book will further enrich your next sailing adventure and your relationship with the Creator God.

Living in the Design by Dave and Jamie Stadler is available for purchase through most distributors (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

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